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apocrea gone, but new jelly promo
apocrea is back, new aura and furniture
took care of the hawkl problem
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Guild News

torto tiem

realmcutter, Feb 26, 14 11:54 PM.

Attention, knights!

As you may recall, tortodrones disappeared from the Clockworks a long time ago and, apart for some stray shells here and there, they have not been seen by the Spiral Order for quite some time. Investigations into the cause were inconclusive, but Spiral HQ suspects fiends are somehow involved.

Now, the tortodrones are being called on the Long Migration. Even the Strangers do not know the reasons for this mysterious event but these giant, robotic tortoises can be glimpsed traveling through the clockworks.

Spiral HQ has new intel that fiends are gathering tortodrone parts and reassembling them. That can't be good...right? Scout the Clockworks for fiends to gather intel and fiendish glyphs. Investigate the Ancient Grove and put a stop to their nefarious activities!

Be sure to visit the mysterious alchemy machine to craft new shields. Crafted from tortodrone shell, these 3*, 4* and 5* shields will be a great aid to your missions into the Clockworks. You will need to collect Ancient Shell materials from the Ancient Grove to craft these shields.

Ancient Prize Boxes

Listen to the faint and soothing song formed by wind traveling from a distant land, or feel the tremors caused by the march of the Long Migration. Equip your knight with serene costumes and ancient accessories.

This box contains items fashioned in the ancient, veiled homeland of the tortodrones, including:

  • Serene Helms
  • Serene Armors
  • Aggro Auras
  • Power Pistons
  • Ancient Accessories

For the complete list of items and other details, please see this page on the Spiral Knights wiki.


realmcutter, Feb 22, 14 12:29 AM.
flash sales are going on from today till sunday and change every hour on the hour, check in on this thread to see what's been sold already and what's on right now:

fun times ahead

realmcutter, Feb 3, 14 12:04 PM.
a quick preview of some  of the stuff to come in the gunner update

Year of the herse

realmcutter, Jan 27, 14 7:57 PM.

Celebrate the coming of the Year of the Horse!

Spiral Wardens are well known for being guardians and protectors, sworn to put the safety of others before their own. Are you up to the challenge of becoming one of these brave champions?

If you are, you need to look the part! Through February 3rd, 2014, get distinctive Spiral Warden horse head costume items in Colossal Prize Boxes! (Or if you want a touch of corruption in your life and you'd rather look like a Trojan, you can do that too.*) Contents of the Colossal Prize Box may include:

  • Warden Armors and Helms
  • Trojan Tail accessory
  • Baleful Aura
  • Prismatic Ruinous Crystal accessory
  • Fireworks in every box!

Happy Halloween!

boredpnoy, Oct 31, 13 9:05 PM.
Have fun and be safe guys! Apparently, I'm having  a steam identity crisis hnnnnnnnnng. May the derp be worth you all! xD
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